"The Montessori Child Care Centre has made a world of difference to my child, with love, manners, reading, writing

and preparation for school"​

- Patty Smith

New Baby at Mudgeeraba Montessori Child Care
Happy loved and cared for
Happy Infant at Montessori Gold Coast
Well loved safe and happy Mudgeeraba Montessori Child Care
Sensitive Period for Movement

Even before birth, babies are testing out their limbs, their reflexes and gross motor skills. From birth to 12 months, this joyous exploration of the body’s power progresses from kicking and stretching to being able to use the little fingers as pincers to pick up all kinds of interesting objects.


Control of the hands and feet, self-support of the head, hand-eye coordination and the miracle of crawling all come into play in the first year of life.

Well loved safe and happy Mudgeeraba Montessori Child Care

An infant’s perception of sound, sight, touch, taste and smell is fresh, new and acute.


Montessori parents turn a cold shoulder to the commercial manufacturers of infant toys that flash, erupt in electronic sound, and are made of lifeless plastic and other synthetics.


These objects are simply overwhelming for a new baby’s sensory experience of the world.


Keeping things calm and quiet, keeping manufactured stimuli to a minimum, and giving priority to a newborn's most important connection to their human parents is key.

Sensitive Period for Sensory Perception
Sensitive Period for Language

Even before birth, many babies react to sounds they perceive going on in the outside world.


Often, Montessori parents take care to sing, talk and read to their children before their ‘arrival’.


After birth, babies find themselves in a world of sounds and often their greatest interest is in the sounds of human speech coming from their parents.


Infants intently watch the mouths of the people around them and begin moving their own lips in imitation.


Soon, they begin to explore their own ability to create different kinds of sounds and develop a fascinating repertoire of syllables that they will repeat over and over, trying to perfect the control of their throat, tongue and lips.

​Why Move Your Child To Our Montessori Centre

​​Child Care is more than just children playing games. Montessori teaches children how to learn and so much more.


Our Mudgeeraba Child Care Centre was awarded "Exceeding" by the Australian Government. Contact our Director for assistance in moving your child to our centre

Why Montessori Infant  Care Is A Better Choice.

Dr. Montessori believed that these special sensitive periods were at their keenest from birth to five years of age.


An extraordinary amount of development takes place in the first year of life; both for the growing child and for the parent who is striving to identify and fulfill the baby’s needs.


Our Mudgeeraba Gold Coast Montessori Infant Baby Room is filled with Love and Nurturing. Your baby can develop in our centre from 6 weeks old through to the age of 6 years.

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​Sensitive Period for Order

I have found that it is this last sensitive period that comes as the biggest surprise to new parents.


To explain this concept simply, newborns start to gain a feeling of security by making sense of all of the things they perceive in their surroundings, be this people or furnishings.


Their own place in the scheme of things feels safe when they wake up from a nap and discover that everything is in its rightful location. 

Mudgeeraba Child Care suggest a night out with baby at Drive-in

Mums and Dads, when you need a night out!


Don't forget there is a Drive-in Movie Theatre at Yatla between Brisbane & Gold Coast - Baby can sleep and feed in the comfort of your own car.

Baby Care Mudgeeraba Child Care Montessori Gold Coast

Planning for a baby or the due date is not too far away? Then why not book a visit and secure a position for your baby ahead of the date.

You will have peace of mind in knowing you have the best possible love, care and the foundation of a great education and future.



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