• MaryAnne Hossack

I am taking some liberties and becoming an unofficial collection point for the Share the Dignity Charity. A friend of a friend has created an event to get us moving...since we are a community ourselves lets do something together to help.

**Please read the below for all information and links**

Last week I stumbled upon a campaign that brought to my attention something I had never thought of and I couldn't get it out of my mind. It made me want to do something.

It is no surprise that we have homelessness in Australia, a heartbreaking situation that i'm sure if we could all fix overnight we would. There are a significant amount of women out on our streets who sometimes have to choose between eating and buying sanitary items. Yep. More often than not these woman have their periods while living out on the street with nothing more than toilet paper and newspaper to use as makeshift pads.

Can you imagine having your period and not having a pad or tampon? I sure can't.

I can't imagine how I would cope without my heat pack, nurofen and Netflix let alone the sanitary items required to deal with Aunt Flo/The Crimson Wave/IT/That Time of the month/Code Red/Leak Week/Girl Flu etc.

Share the Dignity is a foundation that provides homeless and at risk women nationally with sanitary products to allow them a sense of dignity at a time when they need it the most. This month until the 30th they are running a campaign and collections and asking people to purchase a packet (or more!) of tampons or pads and donate them to collection points nationally.

It's really easy and cheap to help and we as a collection of women should be the ones helping out our fellow Woman.

Collection points are at all Terry White Chemists, Fernwood Gyms, Selected Woolies and Coles and various other places.

Please go to for a full list of collection points.

I wanted to create an event not as something to go to but something just to bring it all to your attention. If you can't get to a collection point I'm more than happy for you to give them to me and I can drop them off. :)

Kindness ALWAYS wins.

Leave your donations at the centre and I will take to a collection point. Alll brands, all sizes all types. Please help.

  • MaryAnne Hossack

Picasso Room – Our Nido for babies from 6weeks to 14 months. We engage with our youngest children in a way that is positive and nurturing since we know that this stage of development has long term impacts for the child as he grows.

Montessori said, “The child is truly a miraculous being, and this should be felt deeply by the educator” We at Montessori Gold Coast know that caring for your baby is no simple matter.

Dr. Montessori provided us with clear goals and guidelines which are implemented by our qualified, interested and focused team who use this to tailor a care plan for your child.

We carefully observe and listen and as we do we discover their interests and engage their thoughtfulness and creativity.