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Your Child's Education
Is Our Passion & My Story

Hello parents and caregivers. My name is Mary-Anne Hossack. I am the owner of Mudgeeraba Montessori Child Care Gold Coast located in Mudgeeraba and Reedy Creek Montessori Child Care Kindergarten & Preschool.


I want to share my story and journey with you. I started my own Child Care Centre because, as a parent I could not find a centre for my then two and a half year old daughter, that offered the loving, caring and clean environment where she would learn and achieve real outcomes. I wanted her cared for while she was learning – I wanted her to get the very best in early education as every parent does!


This is what I wanted. I realised the only way I could get this for my daughter and other families that felt the same concerns and needs was to start my own child care centre and build the learning environment model and outcomes from scratch. I embraced the Montessori Method because I saw the best long term benefits for infants and children right through life.


I created this Mudgeeraba Montessori Child Care Centre and Reedy Creek Montessori to give my own children and your child the best possible start in life! With our new baby born August 2015, we reaffirmed our commitment to provide what our children need to furnish them with the very best start we can.


Beware of Impersonators! Some Centres say they are "influenced by Montessori" with a few tray activities - that is not the real Montessori so don't be fooled into thinking it is.


My centres are staffed with double qualified educators - both in "Montessori" and "Australian Children’s Services". Be aware of the fact that the word Montessori is not patented and anyone can use it. Thus, the use of the word Montessori is no assurance of quality. I trained my staff to my personal expectations and now we deliver these and make them available to you!


We have been providing the very best to Gold Coast families since 2006, with an honest, respectable and reliable service. Our results are obvious and attainable regardless of whether your child joins us as an infant or for our School Ready Kindy program.


A local school Principal describes our children as "well mannered and ready to learn!" If this is what you want for your child in a friendly centre that marries play and education in a way that really works then get in touch today!

Mary-Anne Hossack Mudgeeraba Child Care - Montessori Gold Coast

Montessori Gold Coast Awards

​Our Montessori Centre Awards & Recognition

- 2021 "Winner South East Queensland Training Awards.

- 2019  "Winner Child Care Qld" by the Australian Achiever Awards.

- 2009 "Highly Recommended"  by the Australian Achiever Awards.

- 2008 "Highly Recommended"  by the Australian Achiever Awards. 
- 2007 "Highly Recommended"  by the Australian Achiever Awards. 
- 2006 "Highly Recommended"  by the Australian Achiever Awards. 

- 2007 "Mary-Anne Hossack Winner" 12th International GC Womens Day Awards.
- 2007 "Winner" Aug Gold Coast Business Excellence GCC Awards:
- 2008 "Yellow Pages" Local Champion Business Awards:
- 2008 "Award" Rotary Workplace Excellence Awards:

- 2007 "Award" Rotary Workplace Excellence Awards:

Are you ready to learn more or enrol? Contact Mudgeeraba Montessori

Qld Training Awards Regional Winner.jpeg
Aus Mum Awards
2019 Australian Achiever Awards Winner Child Care
Qld Training Awards 2021 State Finalist


Natasha W.

We love Montessori. Our son moved here at 14mo after a less than positive experience at another centre and has absolutely thrived, the difference is obvious. The educators are caring and involved and so knowledgeable about actual child development, we feel he is really seen as an individual and has grown so much as a result! Highly recommend

Emma E.

So pleased with this centre and the caring staff. Recently moved from Sydney with very unsettled children and have had so much support from the centre it's made the transition so much easier.

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