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Government Funding

As you may know government is currently considering a bill in parliament to increase childcare fee subsidies. The changes being proposed in the simplest form is that they are increasing the amount parents can earn before losing their childcare subsidy and increasing childcare subsidies to cover up to 90% of your fees.

In doing this we know 2 things will happen

1. We should expect that our daily fee will go up by as much as $10 a day.

2. Places will be even harder to find!

Rather than wait I urge you to do your shopping now.

Start touring and visiting centres, put your child's name on waitlists of your preferred services as soon as possible.

Child care services just like every other business are feeling the pinch in terms of rising costs. This additional help from the government is a way for us, as service providers, to improve what we offer - from the physical environment to our teaching programs and the professional development of our teams.

Learn more about what we offer at Montessori Gold Coast and the difference we can make to your Child's early education journey.

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