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Playing at Montessori

One of the great myths of childcare is that play is the same for all children regardless of any other factors.

In a Montessori setting play during the 'work cycle' is prepared for so that the environment your children are in is designed to meet and exceed their developmental milestones

Yes all children play - as parents we know that play looks very different from day to day or child to child. Play doesn't always stem from a toy. If children are learning through play then as adults we have a responsibility to ensure that that play offers an underlying learning opportunity children don't necessarily identify but simply enjoy the activity and participate until they are satisfied.

Children in Montessori settings play, are learning, they make discoveries and explore

Children are happy kind calm self-directed and mindful of their environment and peers.

Visits can be arranged.

Montessori Gold Coast
Montessori Gold Coast

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