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Service for Mum?

Obviously the priority for child care centres is the care and education of each child as a respected and loved member of the community. At Gold Coast Montessori we pride ourselves on the care and education we have provided to Gold Coast families for over 16 years.

So what about service to Mums ... how does your child care service support you?

Did you know that at Gold Coast Montessori we give you access to child care for your enrolled child the week you go into you hospital to have their sibling, as our gift?

Did you know we offer flexible enrolments for relief teachers who have a permanent booking with us?

Did you know that we offer Mums who have a permanent booking and are looking to return to the workforce flexible days so you can confidently book in job interviews and trial/training days knowing that we will step up for your child care needs?

Do you know that we offer parents driveway service in case baby is sleeping in the car at drop off or pick up times?

Service from Gold Coast Montessori is having policies and processes that allow us to say Yes to Mums (families) who need us when you need us.

Take a look today and expect different

Owner/operator Mary-Anne - working mum!

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